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“The newspaper headline screams: “Eighteen-Year-Old Slain by Husband after Giving Birth.” As you continue reading, you learn that the young woman was brainwashed by a strange blood-drinking cult who call themselves a “family,” though none of the members were actually related. The young woman’s husband was much older than she and had a history of violence. In fact, you learn that her husband used to stalk her prior to her marriage, watching her secretly from the woods near her home and climbing into an unsecured window at night to watch her sleep without her knowledge. Once the young woman, then seventeen, was initiated into a relationship with the man and his “family,” she was encouraged to marry right after her high school graduation. The young woman reportedly had bruises all over her body after returning from her honeymoon, where she also reportedly became pregnant. Her husband was not happy about the pregnancy and wanted her to have an abortion. She refused, eventually leading to him ripping the child from her womb, then, draining her of her blood until she finally stopped breathing. Sounds torturous and sick, doesn’t it? But in fact, this is the basis of a tween-teen literary phenomenon called the Twilight saga…”

~Twilight and Philosophy, p.178 (chapter by Rebecca Housel)


I found this on tumblr today, and it actually shocked me. As I was reading it, I kept thinking ‘oh my god, how could the girl be so stupid. What is her deal?!’ Then, as I reached the end, I couldn’t help but laugh. As many of you know, I am not a fan of Twilight. It is utter garbage to me. And yes, I have taken the time to read the first novel, so don’t even try to tell me I don’t know what I’m talking about.

This novel is destroying the youth. Ok, that sounds preachy. But seriously, how can you write a book about the above, and make it seem ok. It just clouds the minds of young girls who are now searching for their ‘Edward’. Everyone claims that this novel is about romance, and the beauty of love. Where’s the beauty in that kind of love? Bella becomes obsessed with a man who stalked her, and falls apart when he leaves. She destroys herself for the sake of love. The relationship depicted in this novel is unhealthy.

Coming from someone that has been down that road, that has had a stalker. That has wasted away and cried every day because the one they thought they loved left, THIS IS NOT OK. (and no, I have never been hit or beaten by a boyfriend).

How is this novel appealing to anyone?! I bet if the above description was printed on the back of every novel, no one would find it appealing. They would be sickened and disgusted. But instead, the book paints a ridiculous fantasy.

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17 Day Diet!

So a couple of weeks ago, I was reading my twitter feed, and I saw that an artist I followed was doing a ’17 Day Diet’. His tweet said that he had already lost 13 pounds! I was skeptical, I mean a diet for 17 days just seems like some sort of scam. Then…I did the research.

This ’17 Day Diet’ consists of four cycles. Each cycle is 17 days, or half a month. Two months of dieting. That doesn’t sound so bad when you look at it that way. The diet starts out with you eating mostly chicken, turkey, some seafood, and vegetables. You can also have fruit, as long as its before 2pm.

I know what you’re going to say, ‘this is just the Atkins diet’, but its not. With each cycle, you get more food to choose from, including pasta and bread. This diet is basically a way to retrain yourself on how to eat.

I’ve done pretty well so far. Its near the end of week one, and I’ve lost about seven pounds. Today I messed up though, so I’ll be restarting Cycle one. However, I haven’t been too strict with this diet. I still drink soda, and I allow myself a little snack. But, I still lost, so I consider it a win.

My mood is a little better too, which is great. I’m trying new food. I like peppers now, but I have cauliflower. I really hate cauliflower.

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Budgets and Diets!

So, lately I’ve been doing a lot of thinking. Mainly about dieting and how Andy and I spend our money. I’ve come to the conclusion that we are just irresponsible with how we spend our funds. I can’t imagine what its going to be like when we decide to bring a child or two into this world. There’s no way we would survive.

I did the numbers, and after the main bills are paid, we’re left with roughly $1500. That’s plenty to most, that is, until Andy comes along and says ‘hey, I need to make a $250 loan payment’, or ‘I moved ‘$600 over to cover this payment’. Then the money starts disappearing fast. No disrespect to my future husband, but how can you plan a budget when you don’t know about all of the bills.

Our biggest issue is that we eat out too much. We’ve fallen into the habit of grabbing fast food every night. It’s not healthy, and it certainly isn’t cheap. At Burger King, for instance, two meals usually costs $16-25. That’s for two burgers, two large fries, and two drinks. I can buy a pack of ‘Jack Daniels Pulled Pork’ for $6, and make about six sandwiches. For a side, grab a bag of red potatoes and fry them. That’s about three meals for $8-10.

The problem is, we’re lazy and barely know how to cook anything. Not to mention, after a long day of work, we find it difficult to go into the kitchen and make a meal for the two of us. Which needs to change.

Ugh…I just don’t know where to start.

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Planning a Wedding…

Is really hard. Hard as in…where in the hell do I start?!

I have no idea what to do, or how to go about doing anything. Ugh…. I mean, I’ve found a few checklists and I joined a site to help with the organization, but there’s a lot of stuff to do.

I think my main issue is…where are we getting married? It seems like Andy wants us to get married in Ohio, which I’m fine with. I actually have very little opinion on the whole thing.

You see, I was never the girly girl that daydreamed about weddings and getting married. I daydreamed about video games and anime. So this is some unknown element for me. Hell…I haven’t even been able to organize a birthday party for myself! I hope this doesn’t turn out like that….because no one came to my birthday ;_;.

Ok, that was a bit dramatic, but you get my point, right?

I have started working on the guest list…I at least made a list of people that I would like to come. The problem is, my family is huge. On my mother’s side alone, there are 22 aunts and uncles (that includes spouses). If you figure each of them has two kids…that’s 44 people right there! …right?

Ugh…I think I’d rather go with the original plan…courthouse wedding and reception afterwards.

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Andy proposed…and I said yes! 🙂

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Family Feud

For the past week, my sister has been coming over to work on applications for various things. First it was job applications, and she used up all of the ink in my printer. Then, she moved on to FASFA and college applications. Andy was getting extremely annoyed by her frequent visits.

Then, he went out of town. And my sister asked to have my apartment key, to come over after she got off work to continues filling out applications. She wanted the key because I didn’t get home until almost two hours after she was off. So I made the stupid decision to give her my key.

I assumed she’d be there when I got off work, I mean, that was the whole purpose of me giving her the key, right? Wrong. My mom calls me at 11pm (and a few times before), to tell me that my sister’s car broke down between Fairmont and Morgantown. And she had my key. My apartment is not between Fairmont and Morgantown. It’s in Morgantown.

Of course, I became extremely angry about this. I mean, what was the point of giving my sister the key if she were just going to drive off to Fairmont after work. So I drove out to where she was, a Pilot gas station on the Goshen Road.

When I get there, I park and open my car door so that she can give me my key back (my window likes to stick). She tells me she’ll probably come over tomorrow, and my reply is to inform her that she won’t be getting my key back. She in turn gets angry and asks why.

Why? Because she’s a liar. Instead of going to my apartment like she said she was, she went to another town to do god knows what, which defeated the purpose of me giving her the key in the first place. After I told her this (well, I left out calling her a liar). But I did ask her about where she worked, because it’s not in Fairmont, it’s in Morgantown.

She gets angry and starts yelling, even slams my car door on me. Luckily all arms and legs were inside the ride. At this point I’m pissed, and I start my car and go to leave. As I’m leaving I can hear her yelling the same thing over and over: “ARE YOU SERIOUS?! MY FUCKING CAR BROKE DOWN!”

It’s called karma. And apparently she doesn’t have very good karma. Had she gone to my apartment like she said, her car would have broken down in Morgantown, not on the Interstate. Or maybe it wouldn’t have broken down in the first place.

But after that night, I’ve come to realize that this is all I’ll ever get from my sister. She’s happy and friendly as long as you do what she wants. But when things don’t go her way, she gets mean and hateful. I want nothing to do with her anymore. I even want to change my number, or block hers.

The funny thing is, I never said she couldn’t come over. I just said she couldn’t have my key.

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I just got a new Pokemon game….so you probably won’t here from me for a while. It took forever, but I am finally playing Soul Silver. It was a present from my boyfriend, to try to cheer me up. Because last night was the worst night of my life….well, it was pretty bad. But we’ve been sworn to secrecy about it.

The game was technically free…we had $40 in reward points from Best Buy. So we bought this and the Captain America Blu-ray. I only wanted Captain America to complete the Avengers set. I only need a Hulk movie, and we’re set for a marathon. Here’s hoping Mark Ruffalo will reprise his role as the Hulk, and will make a GOOD Hulk origin movie. Because come on, the other two weren’t exactly up to par with the rest of the Marvel movies.

My boyfriend actually had the audacity to ask me why I wanted another Pokemon game. He clearly does not understand how these games work. He’ll never be a Pokemon Master. Not if he keeps that attitude. Speaking of which, how do you guys keep track of your pokedex completion across games? I’ve been trying to decide how to do it, and I’m thinking a database or spreadsheet is really the only way to do it. Leave comments in the guest book (or email, your choice)!

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